Monday, August 3, 2009

More from the MN Eskie Picnic


There were some really cute puppies at the picnic.

2009 Eskie Picnic

This is a group picture.

Kathy in Pink

Dave & Pups 2009

We got some fun treats from Dave!

Steve Loscheider

Even the parents got treats! Here is Steve grilling hotdogs and burgers.


Some doggies got very tired by the end of the afternoon.


This is Sharon and Lisa of Pinebrook American Eskimos.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eskie Fest 2009


I went to a really fun picnic in Minnesota yesterday! This is my second year and my mom's third year going.

Hungry pups

This year there were over 50 eskies!! My mommy couldn't always find me because we all look so much alike!

Kathy & Kodak

This is me and my Mom. She's a little excited by all these eskies.


The Couches hosted the event and they have a great back yard. Huge and also have a pond!

Porthole at the Couches

They also have a fence with "port holes" that we eskies can look through. Cool, huh?

Tired Eskie 2009 picnic

This little guy was just dog gone tired. I so understand that saying now! I slept like a rock!