Friday, April 18, 2008

New Addition?

I have a visitor this weekend. 11 month old Kodak. He is a beautiful eskie that has some fear issues. His owner is a breeder/shower (she's been to Westminster!). I met Kodak at a dog show in MN when he was just a pup and she had offerd to place him with me then, but I wasn't sure I wanted a puppy and I still had my Clive. Since I lost Clive, I thought I would check back with her and see if she still had him. She did. :)


He is settling down and getting used to his new environment.

Kudos 2

He is fully intact so I will have to have him fixed. Ugh.... :) Poor baby. But it's best. He has already marked once and has attached himself to me a couple times.


He did like exploring the toys but once he had them they didn't keep his interest. He liked the one rawhide that I found. Will have to get more. I am hoping this works out.


Hana said...

Oh, how exciting! I hope it works out with you and Kodak.

Hana said...

We saw the posts on eskieshots! Does this mean you have decided to keep Kodak?

Isis said...

wow! i'm really really excited! Are you keeping him?!

duo_disaster said...

Welcome Kodak!

We're so glad you've once again completed the Jigsaw Puzzle of the Family!

We are very happy to read your Mum blogging again - Yes, we can sense she is very happy...

We're sure Clive does too!

God Bless!
Rudolf & Goofy